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Faculty · Sibang Kaja, Bali
Department Faculty
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Green School is always on the lookout for dynamic educators who want to join us on our mission to create a community of learners focused on making our world sustainable. If you feel this mission speaks to you and you have something to offer our community, please apply and we'll keep you in our thoughts as we evolve and we need to add to our team of creative and impassioned educators.  


  • A teacher with the purpose to inspire, guide and instill a love of learning and sense of confidence in your students.

  • Understands that each student is different, hence develops differentiated learning plans and experiences and can track that learning journey for each student.

  • Has experience with students from many different cultures and with a wide range of learning needs.

  • Challenges and supports learners and forges strong positive relationships based on commitment, energy, and trust.

  • Loves to facilitate learning and build skills through a variety of ways, including hands on, real-life learning.

  • Has a high level of self-motivation and follow-through, the tenacity to persevere and the ability to improvise and create quickly and creatively.

  • Thrives on using Information Technology to enrich the learning experience and to make learning management a breeze.

  • Is a lifetime learner, constantly seeking opportunities to develop personally, and to help better others.

  • Lives a sustainable lifestyle, loves to be connected with nature, composting, living outdoors and getting dirty.

  • Has started and/or supported causes to better the world.

  • Would like to use your passion and craft to create programs, curriculum and change while you are at Green School in-line with the Green School vision.

  • Thrives when collaborating with colleagues to create creative and integrated learning experiences.

  • Believes that you learn from peers and experts; a lifelong learner.

  • Would enjoy engaging with after school activities and participating in Green School Community events and on school committees, as requested.

  • An exceptional person and an experienced professional who has a Bachelor's degree, appropriate credential, 5+ years of teaching experience, and is under the age of 60 (all REQUIRED by law), who feels a deep passion and responsibility for helping to change education in their lifetime for the purpose of changing the world.



  • Minimum of five years of post-qualification teaching (or work in the specific area of the role applied for).  Experience with an internationally used and recognised curriculum preferred.  

  • Prior experience in supporting and mentoring other educators, a role-model for colleagues in the country(ies) where you have worked.

  • Must have a high level of English proficiency, though native fluency is not required.  (If not a native speaker of English, then presentation of IELTS and TOEFL examination scores in the application process is helpful.)

  • Prior expatriate teaching or working experience preferred with evidence of cultural integration, competency, and language acquisition.

  • Should have experience and skills in using and explaining holistic or other non-traditional curriculum models and how that relates to curriculum development, overall class planning and an individual child's’ development in that context across the learning experiences.  

  • Can provide evidence of positive, professional communications and conflict management resolution skills and resiliencies (through written and verbal communication skills).  



Successful candidates will show a high level of competency in the following areas:

  • Resilience and emotional intelligence.

  • Show evidence of exemplary strategies and techniques that meet the needs of individual students, groups, and/or classes/groups of students in a highly responsive and inclusive manner.

  • Have strong, creative and optimistic ideas and implementation strategies for Behavior Management.  

  • Must be able to reflect critically upon professional experiences in order to enhance professional effectiveness, contribute to the development of a learning community, as well as engage in a variety of professional learning activities that promote and/or enhance the development of that learning community.

  • Participate in curriculum development and/or programme teamwork, and provide leadership in the school by assuming a key role in school development processes.

  • Establish partnerships with students, colleagues, parents, as well as facilitate teamwork within the school community to support student learning.

  • Show an optimistic attitude toward parent engagement and interaction.



  • Must show the results of a negative HIV test from a certified medical professional (Legally required).

  • Must not have any previous criminal convictions (Legally required).

  • Cannot have any prior Child Protection concerns on file at previous schools or places of employment.

  • Must be able to provide an original copy of certifications, transcripts, diploma and/or degrees (Legally required).

  • Any successful candidate must be willing to learn and communicate in Bahasa Indonesia.



  • Practice and help invent progressive education with a purpose, while enjoying the freedom and independence to engage in new learning methods, projects and experiment with your ideas.

  • Be a member of an inspirational and intellectual environment that money can’t buy.

  • Up your game through peer training, exposure to hugely inspirational visitors and community members, and a formal professional development programme focusing on education for sustainability.

  • Earn an appropriate salary, health insurance and other benefits.

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